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A greater sense of what could be; a guide to find your inner-knowing. I hold sacred space for individuals to meet them where they are, and explore the reaches of where they want to be. Empowering self-love to envision, create, and live the life you’ve been dreaming about.

It is my belief that one of the most important relationships is one you have with yourself.

empowerment coach

light worker

truth bringer

Whether you have a big dream…

…feel lost or without direction…

…want to align yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually; arriving in your life connected and aware…

…want to live fully expressed…

…free your mind and activate your heart…

…connect with your intuition…

…need a mirror to see a situation for what it is…

…step into the life you were created for…

Excited to join you on this incredible journey, unveiling the magic of you!

You were called to this work as a coach, teacher, leader and light worker many years ago and as life would have it you’ve been on a journey, which has led you to this moment. It’s all been in divine order and timing and then you answered the call to help others navigate the world when it was time.
Seattle Life Coach Training
Lindsey is a magical soul that exudes love in every way! Just her presence opens up a safe space to share and grow. She will hold space for you in the most sincere way possible and show you how love can really inspire and enhance every part of your life. Having had the pleasure of working with Lindsey, I know first hand the expert level of coaching you will be provided. She is one of the best out there!
You’re a light Lindsey and I always looked forward to seeing you and experience the positive vibe and energy you carry along. My coaching session with you left a permanent mark in my life. You have so much love to give to the hurting world.
Milkah M.
Lindseys presence exudes love; a light which aligns with her coaching style. Working with Lindsey feels safe and supportive. I leave every session feeling empowered and ready to conquer my person goals. 
Lindsey is by far the best coach I have ever had. She has such a beautiful spirit and draws you in and out before you have even figured out what happened. If you want a coach who truly cares about you and wants to see you succeed then look no further.
Being coached by Ms. Lindsey was an absolute pleasure. She is insightful and empathetic but most of all She has a beautiful light about Her that can’t help but shine through in our sessions. It will only take one session with Coach Lindsey for you to realize that She was born to do this type of work. Thank you Coach Lindsey for all you have done for me.
D. P.
I manifested my dream job and I’m interviewing for it on Monday and I’m so excited, it just made me think of you and knowing that my new future in the world of possibilities is out there – I just wanted to say thank you! 💕
From the minute I first saw Lindseys face on that zoom call, I felt accepted, validated and seen. In the tough days and the exciting ones, I know Lindsey is there with me for each step.
Lindsey brings an amazing loving and joyful exuberance to her coaching sessions. She holds a non-judgmental safe space and brings compassion and love and shows up with 100% attention in all the sessions I have had with her. I always felt supported and at ease, open and ready to deal with any issues I was facing in my life.